Ssangyong Rodius

The Ssangyong Rodius is the largest people carrier on the market. The Rodius can comfortably seat seven with loads of room inside the cabin. The car’s exterior design will not appeal to everyone.


The Rodius is comfortable to drive and comes with an affordable asking price. The Rodius is highly equipped and provides good value for the money. The car is larger than all the competition, hopefully that will prove to be a good thing. It isn’t a looker, I remember the first Ssangyong I saw was a second hand Ssangyong Korando, which is definitely the styling route Ssangyong should be going down.

The car was designed to comfortably carry seven passengers and their luggage, and that’s exactly what it does. Passengers have plenty of space giving the cabin a roomy and comfortable feel.

The car has a lot of nice features such as a leather steer-wheel and 16-inch alloy wheels. Also standard issue is parking sensors, buyers will be thankful for that. Rear visibility can be somewhat limited when the car is loaded down.

The only engine on offer is a 162bhp 2.7-litre diesel. It reaches 0-60mph in 13.1seconds and boasts a top speed of 104mph. The engine provides plenty of power at the lower end of the rev range, which makes it very capable of carrying large loads. All models are fitted with a five-speed automatic gearbox.


The Ssangyong Rodius is inexpensive to purchase and run. Insurance rates should be reasonable though fuel economy won’t be great. The Rodius is bargain priced and provides good value for the money.

The Rodius provides loads of cabin space. Passengers will enjoy more than adequate space while the car can seat seven it can also accommodate their luggage as well.

The car’s controls and dials are mostly well placed although some of the controls are located in odd places. There is a flower vase mounted to the dash and that adds a nice touch to the car’s cabins. Displays are large and easy to read.

The Rodius provides decent levels of comfort. Seats are large and supportive and the cabin is very spacious adding to the already good levels of comfort. The car delivers a smooth ride and is quite impressive.

The car provides good accessibility. Even adults should be able to access the car’s rearmost seats without too much fuss. The seats are large and comfortably seat three adults. Once inside, passengers shouldn’t have any trouble climbing into a seat.

The Rodius is easy to park. Despite the car’s large size, the Rodius handles well and is easy to steer and maneuver at low speeds. The car provides a high drive position and good visibility. Rearward visibility can be somewhat limited at times and parking sensors come in handy as well as the car’s large side mirrors.

Life Style

The Ssangyong Rodius provides plenty of power and good steering. The car is designed to carry seven people and not for speed. The Rodius is a large car and can be cumbersome to maneuver through crowded places.

This is an excellent family car. It provides comfortable seating for seven at an affordable price. The boot is large enough to accommodate most family related items. The car’s interior is rugged enough to cope with children.

This is not a good first car. It is simply too large and way more than what most first time buyers need. The car is so large that a novice driver may have difficulty judging the car’s extremities, it maybe best stick to hatchbacks, like a second hand Lexus CT or something

Besides the fact that this is the largest people carrier on the market, the Rodius provides an excellent build quality and a good driving experience with an abundance of passenger and luggage space. The Rodius is surprisingly well built. The Rodius also has a touch of class that is way beyond its modest origins.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include remote central locking, an engine immobiliser and a security alarm. The Rodius is unlikely to be too appealing to car thieves.

The car’s standard safety features include twin front airbags, ABS with electronic stability control and three-point seatbelts for all. The car’s large size also offers an element of safety incase of a crash.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio/CD unit. The system boasts good sound quality and is easy to use.

SE versions add leather seats, cruise control, privacy glass and a sunroof. The car looks rather large no matter what colour is chosen. Parking sensors come as standard and make a lot of sense.


This huge seven-seater comes well equipped and offers buyers good value for the money. Badge snobs may opt for a more stylish designer badge, for it does have the appeal of a Subaru Justy, but if you don’t care about looks, then it might be worth a look. The car delivers plenty of space for seven passengers and their luggage. The design will not appeal to all but the car does make a lot of sense.