2014 Hyundai i20 info

If you are a fan of the Hyundai i20 like we are, you will be pleased to know that more pictures and full details have been released regarding the car.  From what we have read so far, it sounds like good news, so the Ford Fiesta and the VW Polo better watch out. In comparison to the last i20 there are a few things that are apparent from that jump, it has grown in size and has a load of technology to offer.


The new i20 looks a little more defined and muscular than its predecessor, it is lower, wider and longer than it was before, that combined with an extra 45mm added to the wheelbase is what really helps increase the space inside the car. If you have no passengers in the back you will have even more space to play with, thanks to the flat folding rear seats and the double boot floor.

Are you a fan of colour? Well Hyundai are really pulling out all the stops with this one, and they have claimed that the i20 will have the widest range of exterior and interior combinations in the supermini class, including 5 different interior trims, including one leather trim and 9 exterior shades to choose from.


Another area Hyundai have attempted to turn on its head as far as superminis are concerned is with the cars technology and comfort. As we know, the Peugeot 208 currently has the game won in the sunroof department (they have a huge fixed glass roof), however the Hyundai i20 in the spirit of one-upmanship, is going to be the first in the class to feature a panoramic opening sunroof.