3 Cars that I Miss

Hello everyone, in this post I’m going to look at a few blasts from the past, my past, and why I miss them.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is of course still at large today. It is still a very good car in my opinion, however when it comes to the Toyota Corolla, there is one in particular that I used to adore, and now it is no longer out there, thanks to the amount of time gone by, I miss it dearly. The Corolla I miss is the second generation model, now I remember this as it what my Granddad used to drive many years ago, if he wasn’t driving it, he’d be working on it in the garage. I used to get involved from time to time, making that car somewhat of a talisman for the relationship I had with my Granddad. It truly was a beautiful car, and I know I sound cliche when I say it, but they don’t make them like they used to.  I had a little look at a second hand Toyota Corolla the other day, and it was really nice, but it was a replica, to get the genuine article from the 70s is quite a struggle apparently.

Ford Cortina

The Ford Cortina…. You don’t get much more classic than that. The Ford Cortina was introduced to the world in 1962 on the second of September. The first carnation of it was a pretty little car, as was the second, but for me it was the third generation version which came about in 1970 and ran until 1976, which really stole my heart. I don’t really have a sentimental tale about why this car is one I miss, other than it looked nice, and I miss cars like that in general, seeing cops drive around in them on the old shows and hoping to catch a glimpse of one in real life. Again it is a pretty hard task to try and get the exact Cortina you desire, these days, at any one time there is less than a handful of second hand Ford Cortina models on the market.

Ford Cortina Mk3 (1)

Saab 9-5

Unfortunately a couple of years ago Saab fell upon some hard times and as a result the Saab 9-5 is no longer produced as a new car. The reason I miss the Saab 9-5 is different to the other cars in this article. The Saab 9-5 is dead to me as it is a car I have actually owned myself, and it was the first car I owned that I felt I could show off a bit, partly because it was my first saloon car after driving a variety of different hatch backs. My 9-5 was a 2007 model and in my personal opinion it looked great. The 9-5 was also great to drive as far as I’m concerned and if they were still making new models I would definitely be getting one. Having said that there are some good second hand Saab 9-5 deals out there.