Lotus Europa

The Europa is very similar to the Elise only the Europa provides more creature comforts. The Europa is still lightweight and despite the increased levels of comfort the car still delivers the same great performance.


The Europa has a 200bhp turbocharged engine to provide plenty of power. The firm claims that 194lbs of torque is available as little as 2,000rpm. The Europa has no trouble holding its own with major competitors.

The Europa can reach 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds, and boasts a top speed of 140mph. The car is not only quick and provides a very decent driving experience, but it also boasts excellent handling and better fuel economy than rival brands.

Lotus and Proton came together to develop the Lotus Europa, and there is very little in the finished product that would even hint at Proton’s presence. Lotus has done a fine job and Proton’s lingering presence will have an impact on how the public perceives the Lotus price wise.

One notable enhancement is to the car’s level of accessibility. It is no longer necessary to twist into unnatural positions in order to access the car’s cabin. The car sits higher and passengers can easily slide into the cabin’s seats.


The Europa provides a lot of car for the price and offers excellent value for the money. Insurance is decent and fuel economy is good especially for a car in this class. The asking price is very good considering the performance on offer.

The Europa provides adequate passenger space and enough boot space for shopping or a couple of other packages. Storage space has been improved over the Elise and as a result the car offers more practicality.

The car’s controls and dials are of decent quality and functional. Fans of the Elise may be disappointed that the Europa’s fascia is somewhat uncluttered and doesn’t offer as much technology as the Elise.

The Europa is very comfortable. The car’s seats are large and supportive, and outside noise is successfully suppressed. The car provides a brisk, smooth ride and offers high levels of comfort.

The car provides excellent accessibility. The car’s doors are large and open wide providing a large aperture for passengers to slide easily in and out of the car’s seats.

Parking the Europa is an easy task. The car’s steering is light and visibility is good all-round. The car’s large side mirrors help out when reverse parking making it easy to judge the car’s extremities.

Life Style

The Europa provides an excellent, fast, fun and exciting driving experience with higher levels of comfort than its predecessor. The car looks great and handles well. The car is fast enough to provide a brisk and involving ride yet stylish and refined enough to cruise around town.

This isn’t a family car in any sense of the word. Children will not fit well in the car’s seats. Limited cabin and boot space make it unsuitable to perform any family duties. It could be used as a second car for a family.

The Europa is definitely not a good first car. It is too expensive and would be impossible for a new driver to ensure. There is too much power on hand for a novice driver.

The Lotus Europa has a great image. It is quickly recognized by most as a great driving experience. The car is both fast and beautiful. The fact that the car has more creature comforts and additional boot space reflects well on Lotus’ ability to continue improving the car.

Security and Safety

The Europa comes with a comprehensive security package. This is necessary given the car’s high level of desirability. The Europa will be high on a thieves priority list.

The car’s standard safety features include driver and passenger airbags and ABS.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit includes a radio and in-dash CD player with MP3 compatibility. The system provides excellent sound quality.

The car’s exterior colour looks the most flattering in blue, but silver also looks really good. The car’s resale values should remain high.


The Europa is a sophisticated and very competent two-seater. Lotus has for the most part ironed out the problems that made the Elise so impractical. The Europa provides better levels of comfort and more boot space.

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Bentley Arnage

The Bentley Arnage has no trouble competing in one of the most exclusive markets in the world. The luxurious saloon is not just about luxury, it delivers exceptional performance as well. The car’s exterior is all about style and taste and is sure to give the competition something to think about.


The Arnage is based primarily on past technology, a continuous process of improving and enhancing has helped to keep the car modern and at the top of its class. The exterior has managed to change very little over the years but has included some very modern touches such as the smart 19-inch alloy wheels and high intensity headlamps. The Arnage has a strong sense of tradition that is a large part of the car’s appeal.

Inside the Arnage is even more appealing, thanks to the luxurious interior. The interior is composed of only the highest quality material. Many colours are offered to suit the tastes of buyers, and the cabin boasts a hidden sat-nav screen, climate control and audio systems.

The Arnage can be specified to suit the particular requirements of the buyer. As well as choosing an exterior colour and wheel options, the buyer may select a main and secondary leather colour, the colour and finish of the wood, stitching, carpeting and even door panels. This is a very generous offer on the part of Bentley and most manufacturers do not offer such a deal.


The Arnage will be an expensive car to purchase and run. The purchase price is high, insurance is very high while poor fuel economy and high running costs will make it an expensive car all round. Buyers who purchase the Arnage are not likely ones who are on a budget anyway.

The Arnage’s cabin is not as large as the car makes it look from the outside. Passengers both front and rear have plenty of head and legroom though. Boot space is very good.

The car’s controls and dials are of high quality and have a nice feel. Displays are large and easy to read and the cabin boasts a high-class feel. The car delivers a very luxurious feel as soon as you enter the car’s cabin.

The Arnage delivers an impressive level of comfort. Engine and road noise are successfully suppressed adding to the cabin’s quality feel. The car proivides a comfortable and soothing ride. All of the car’s seats are electrically adjustable and are made of soft leather and have a premium feel.

Access to the car’s cabin is straighforward. The car’s height allows passengers to slide directly into the seats. The car’s doors and boot provide wide apertures allowing for easy access.

The Arnage is not the easiest car to park. It is long and requires a large space. The car’s high driving position helps with visibility and judging the car’s extremities isn’t too difficult either.

Life style

The Arnage provides a fantastic driving experience. The car can be driven in two modes. The first one is relaxed and smooth, a comfortable ride, and the other is very briskly. The car’s brakes, steering and suspension are also excellent at coping with many driving situations.

The Arnage would make a decent family car. It provides plenty of cabin space, and the boot is large enough to accommodate shopping or other family related items. A family could ride quite comfortably and stylishly in an Arnage.

This is not a suitable first car. It is unlikely that many first time buyers could even hope to afford an Arnage.

The Arnage has an excellent image. Only the highest grade of materials are used, and the cabin is hand finished for a superior quality and workmanship. Bentley has always provided superior cars that exude the company’s good taste and high-class attitude.

Security and Safety

The Arnage is a very desirable car and comes standard with an alarm system and an engine immobiliser. A security tracking system is available as a cost-option.

The Arnage is a heavy car and that alone offers a good deal of safety to its passengers. The car’s standard safety features include high specification brakes and ESP. Six airbags are also included, as are seat belt pretensioners for front seat passengers.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a high specification radio/CD tuner. The system produces excellent sound quality and powerful output.

The car offers numerous options for colour, fabric and design of the interior materials. All the choices are of a very high quality and hand finished. The car’s interior is very luxurious and is a comfortable and relaxing yet classy place to ride.


The Arnage is an expensive car compared to other ordinary cars. The amount of comfort and luxury being offered helps to justify such an expense. The class and style on offer coupled with the many other attributes of the Arnage means that the car has very little real competition.

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